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I’m a user experience designer with over a decade of experience creating thoughtful digital solutions for a wide variety of users and clients. I’ve had the privilege of working on a number of delightful, impactful, and challenging projects including complex web applications, responsive sites, mobile apps, and SaaS applications. I've been successful in consulting and in-house settings and bring a diverse skill set that includes user research and testing, UX strategy, UX/UI design, and product management. I thrive in settings where I’m expected to connect with and understand users and clients so I can design high-value solutions that are usable, technically feasible, and financially successful.


​Freelance Project Highlights - UX, Research and Strategy | 2011 - Present
  • Literacy Design Collaborative

    • Sole UX/UI designer and researcher for LDC CoreTools, an online learning and curriculum design platform that enables teachers to improve student literacy, and enables administrators to track teacher progress through analytics.

    • User research and test, concept ideation, workflows, Axure prototypes, UI design, spec creation, and hand-off to development. Explored and prioritized features, developed design roadmaps, created user stories, completed competitive audits, and tracked usage in Google analytics. I helped bring product and UCD thinking to LDC's design process.

  • Evluma

    • Evluma hired me to create a modern iOS app (tablet/mobile) that enables their customers to wirelessly manage and service Evluma LED streetlights.

    • Concept exploration, information architecture, UX/UI design, visual design, asset and spec creation, and hand-off to development.  Provided cost/time estimates and project management.

  • Starbucks for AIM Consulting

    • Lead UX/UI Designer on pilot launch of Starbucks Green Apron Delivery.

    • Delivered sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, Axure prototypes, visual design comps, redlines, design assets, style guide, UX and Design Specs, design process and schedule, and heuristic evaluation.  Worked side by side with client and agile team to insure designs met client needs and were successfully implemented.


  • Fluke Networks for Artefact

    • IxD on a complex, responsive, SaaS project for Artefact's client, Fluke Networks (LinkWare™ Live).

    • Completed discovery and analysis of all business and technical requirements, created high fidelity prototypes, assisted with iterative user testing, and delivered final designs.

  • Microsoft OneDrive for Blink UX

    • IxD on a large-scale Microsoft project spanning mobile, web, and desktop for Windows, Android, and Apple platforms.

    • Completed extensive competitive audit and analysis, participated in user research, created mid-fidelity Axure prototypes, developed guiding design principles and in depth design strategy, and presented all work to a large client team.

  • Fluent Medical

    • UX Designer at a small start-up that developed medical charge capture, patient diagnosis, and patient management software for desktop and iPad.

    • Use case analysis, screen flows, wireframes, and heuristic evaluation with UX findings and recommendations.

Sr. UX Designer at Blue Origin  | Jun 2019 - Dec 2019
  • Designed experiences that helped build a road to space.

Sr. UX Designer at Blink UX  | Nov 2017 - June 2019
  • Worked with our clients through all phases of the engagement. Primary contributor to client success.

  • Planned and executed generative research such as stakeholder interviews, user interviews, and observations.

  • Recommended design scope and features, created research-based user journeys and personas, documented existing and proposed optimized workflows and business processes, created design concepts and prototypes.

  • Evaluated and iterated on designs through rapid iterative testing, concept testing, and usability testing. 

  • Worked with development teams to insure technical feasibility and documented all functionality in design specifications. 

UX Lead for Smith Co. | Sep 2014 - Apr 2015
  • Led a small, agile, UX team through the discovery and design phases of an enterprise workflow management project for Safeco underwriters and CSRs.

  • Based on preliminary user research and stakeholder interviews, recommended a UX strategy, research approach, and roadmap.

  • Created and documented the agile process and deliverables that would work best with the various dispersed teams.

  • Oversaw team activities and deliverables, managed and prioritized team's weekly tasks, and insured client expectations were met.

Senior UX Architect for Garrigan Lyman Group | Jul 2012 - Dec 2013
  • Worked on high profile agency projects for clients including T-Mobile, Thompson's WaterSeal, Microsoft, and eFax. 

  • Responsible for client interviews, user flows, use cases, brainstorming sessions, wireframes, hi/lo fidelity and interactive prototyping (Axure), content audits, information architecture, competitive analysis, data analysis, and bringing strategic UX thinking to clients.

  • Played a pivotal role in defining and documenting the agency's agile process and improving process and deliverables for enterprise projects.  

  • Helped to bring product and business thinking into GLG's agency practices.



Mobile UX Architect + Business Analyst for Allrecipes / Reader's Digest | Jan 2011 - Sep 2011
  • ​Worked as a hybrid BA/UXA on a small mobile team within AllRecipes/Reader’s Digest.

  • Completed all analysis required for mobile app implementation on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Created all project documentation to include business objectives, competitive analysis, use cases, product specs, business/functional requirements, wireframes, user/screen flows, and sitemaps.

  • Worked with external vendor to create usability study, observed study, and converted results into actionable improvements.

  • Filled in as product manager for projects as needed.



Information Architect for AT&T Mobility - B2B | Aug 2009 - Jan 2011
  • Worked on AT&T's B2B E-commerce, account management, and E-Bill sites.

  • Created sitemaps, user flows, wireframes and functional annotations.

  • Worked collaboratively with business leadership, technology, and creative teams to insure proposed solution met all team and user needs.

  • Assisted UX research team as needed to develop usability tests.



Sr. Business Analyst for AT&T Mobility - B2B | Sep 2007 - Aug 2009
  • Worked on AT&T's B2B e-commerce, account management, and e-Bill sites as a business analyst/product manager.

  • Responsible for writing business cases, defining scope, leading design sessions with development and design, authoring use cases, writing all business/functional requirements, driving stakeholder/team consensus, and creating user/system flows.



Business + Functional Analyst for Boeing Flight Operations | Jul 2006 - Sep 2007
  • Worked with 12 Flight Ops end-user groups to develop a common software solution and UI used to deliver flight operations digital products to Boeing’s airline customers via  

  • Responsible for user interviews, business and functional requirements, processes, training, data conversion and analysis, and UAT scripts.

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Things I Do


  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes (InVision/Axure)

  • UI design comps

  • Complex user flows

  • Information architecture

  • Sitemaps

  • Use cases

  • Style guides

  • UX/design specs & redlines

  • Design assets


  • Stakeholder interviews

  • User interviews

  • Usability testing

  • Heuristic evaluations

  • Analytics

  • Competitive audit & analyses

  • Content audit

  • Personas

  • Journey maps

  • UX strategy & roadmap


  • User stories

  • Requirements development

  • Analytics

  • Product roadmap

  • Axure

  • Sketch / InVision

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Omnigraffle

  • Office/Google Docs
  • Google Analytics

  • Rally/JIRA

  • Whiteboard

  • Pencil + Paper


I take classes often and believe in life-long learning. My latest interests are meteorology, climate change, and photography.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Tech University, Feb 1998

Credit Courses

University of Washington

  • HCDE 518 - User Centered Design (4CR, A)

  • IMT 589 - Information Architecture (4CR, P)

Bellevue College

  • METR 101 - Introduction to the Weather (5CR, A)

  • METR 201 - Global Warming (5CR, A)

  • ART 110 - Intro to 2D Design (5CR, A)

  • ART 111 - Color Theory (5CR, A)

Professional Workshops
Adaptive Path UX Intensive

Design Strategy and Design Research Workshops

Continuing-Ed Courses

School of Visual Concepts

​Drawing, Intro to Graphic Design, Typography, Axure, Illustrator

Bellevue College

Digital Photography I